Apple will make its new Mac Pro in the US

Apple will make his new Mac Pro & # 39; s in Austin, Texas, the computers continue to build on the same facilities that since 2013 assemble the previous generation Mac pros.


Apple says that building the computer in the US is possible thanks to a tariff exemption for & # 39; certain necessary components & # 39 ;. The production would be & # 39; fast & # 39; have to start.

This is a surprise announcement from Apple. When the new generation Mac Pro was announced, Apple did not mention where they would be assembled, despite the fact that it had done a lot about how the last generation in the US would be built. Shortly after the announcement The Wall Street Journal also reported Apple was planning to relocate production to China for a number of reasons. Among the reasons were speed and costs, both of which could have been reduced outside the US.

But with a newly awarded & # 39; federal product exclusion & # 39; Apple can save enough money to make the American assembly worthwhile. It is also a major political victory for Apple, as President Trump has been calling on the company for years to make more products in the US.

The Trump government threatened with rates of as much as 25 percent on computers as part of an escalating trade war with China. In July, Trump tweeted that Apple would not get an exemption for Mac Pro components and said, "Make them in the US, not rates!" (The tweet has since been deleted.)

Apple says the new Mac Pro, which will be launched later this fall, will be "manufactured" at the Austin facilities. Previously, Apple used the phrase "Assembled in the USA" to note that Mac Pro & # 39; s are not fully built here. Apple is not making it clear whether this time will be the same or whether it will be built with more US-made parts. We have contacted Apple for clarification.

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