Apple watchOS 5 release date, news and features

<pre><pre>Apple watchOS 5 release date, news and features

We have had more than half a year to get a grip on watchOS 4 and now we are more hungry, so it's great to hear that Apple is launching watchOS 5 soon.

We liked the watchOS 4 software, but there is still plenty of room for improvement, so we're happy to finally hear what the company has planned for its next major update.

Below we have announced all the details we've known about the update so far, announced during the WWDC 2018 keynote, as well as when it will land on existing Apple Watch devices.

So sit back and read on for everything we know so far about the next major software upgrade of the Apple Watch.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The next version of Apple & # 39; s smartwatch operating system
  • When is it out? Autumn 2018, probably September 18 or so
  • What does it cost? It will be a free update

Apple watchOS 5 release date

Apple has announced the next-gen software at WWDC 2018 in June and as expected it is titled watchOS 5 as successor to watchOS 4.

It will be available as a free update this fall, probably in September – around the same time that rumors point to the Apple Watch 4 launch. Given that Apple often updates its software, we expect the company to appear next to iOS 12 on or around September 18th.

Apple launched the watchOS 5 beta for developers on June 4 immediately after the keynote at WWDC, but that was quickly drawn. It has since been re-released in a better state that you can now download to your Apple Watch.

watchOS 5 compatibility

Do you have an original Apple Watch? You can not download WatchOS 5 later this year.

This is the first time that Apple has made its software upgrades unavailable for all generations of devices and you need an Apple Watch Series 1 (which is the updated device released in 2016) to be able to download it.

You also need an iPhone 5S or later with iOS 12 on board to download watchOS 5.

watchOS 5 fitness

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Do you find workouts better if you fight someone? The new upgrade to the activity app on Apple Watch comes in your street. Now you can start seven-day activity contests directly in the app with another Apple Watch carrier.

You will both be competing against each other to see who can earn the most points and close most of the Rings in the Activity app for a period of a week.

The app sends you coaching notifications for advice and reminders to stay ahead of the competition the coming week. Those who win at the end of the seven-day period will receive a special medal within the Activity app.

The Apple Watch workout app also gets a couple of major upgrades, including automatic workout detection for what makes Apple the most popular workouts on Apple Watch & # 39; calls.

This means that you can start your training and receive a notification from your wrist asking if you want to start an activity in the Workouts app. It remembers with retroactive what you did before you pressed yes, and then started the training for you.

At the end of the training you will be touched by your wrist to end it. This is done by checking your heart rate and realizing that you have been delayed and have probably stopped.

The training that this function receives is currently unclear, but we know that it will be Outdoor Running.

Both yoga and walking are part of the 12 other activities within the workout app. For both, the number of calories that you have burned will be kept on the minutes you have earned.

Finally, runners will get excited by a number of other new features in watchOS 5. Cadence comes to the Apple Watch for indoor and outdoor runs and walks.

For the uninitiated, Candence is the number of steps you have taken per minute. That is a useful stat for high-performance runners and there are many specialized running watches in specialized.

There is a new pace alarm for outdoor racing in the Workouts app that will bump you if you are ahead or behind your pace, which will be useful for many running fans.

Rolling mile pace is also a brand new measure for the Apple Watch and it is an option to display the pace of your previous mile, as well as your average pace or current pace.

Fitness is the largest area to be upgraded in watchOS 5, but there are many other features in the update.

watchOS 5 Walkie Talkie

There is a new feature available to view OS 5, called Walkie-Talkie, that lets you talk to a friend who also has an Apple Watch.

You can set it up with anyone in your contacts who has set up an Apple Watch configuration and once you've connected, they can send you a message whenever your watch is turned on.

The Walkie Talkie function sends a vibration to the other person's pulse and then plays your message, just like a normal walkie talkie would do in real life. It works on both Wi-Fi and mobile internet, so it's not just limited to the Apple Watch 3 LTE.

This feature received a lot of attention on the podium during WWDC, but an interesting thing is that Apple originally announced this feature in 2014. It never released the feature on the original Apple Watch.

What has changed here to mean that Apple wants to include it in watchOS 5 is unclear, but it will be a nice feature for people to play with when the software lands later this year.

We tried it short when watchOS 5 was announced and we liked the idiosyncratic function, especially because it is easy to use and well implemented in the new software.

look 5 views

The Siri dial upgrades on the stage at WWDC

The Siri dial upgrades on the stage at WWDC

The dial of the Siri gets a few upgrades that are meant to display more useful shortcuts during the day at different times.

These vary from the time you have to travel for your commute or your heartbeat after a run, but the idea here is that Apple wants the dial of the Siri to become an evolving hub for your wrist.

Third-party applications also come to the dial. We have seen apps such as Citymapper, Nike + Run Club and Lose It on stage, but many more will follow.

Apple did not announce the rumors function of the third-party dials at WWDC 2018, so it seems that those rumors were incorrect. It may be that the company is focusing on this Siri integration with the face of third-party apps, instead of allowing others to create watch faces.

Either, or it is something that stops the company from a future watchOS 5 update or maybe even watchOS 6.

The new Siri Shortcuts feature, announced as part of iOS 12, also comes to the Siri dial. Moreover, you can now also simply cancel the watch and speak directly with Siri. That means you do not have to say "Hey Siri" to activate it.

There is also a new Pride watch face that matches Apple's Pride watch band, which you can download to your Apple Watch from today.

Apple did not announce the rumors function of the third-party dials at WWDC 2018, so it seems that those rumors were incorrect. Either, or it is something that stops the company from a future watchOS 5 update or maybe even watchOS 6.

watchOS 5 other functions

The Podcasts app finally arrives at the Apple Watch. You can stream Podcasts directly to your wrist by talking to Siri and if you want to download them, you can set it up so that the latest episode of your favorite program is synchronized with your Apple Watch.

That is bad if you plan to demolish your iPhone for a long time and listen to audio through your wrist.

Developers also get a new feature that allows music, audiobooks and meditation sessions to be synchronized with the Apple Watch for offline playback. Perhaps this means that we will see more apps from third parties that allow you to listen to audio in the future without a connection.

Apple also allows third-party music and podcast apps to play audio in the background while using another app on your wrist. It means that you can continue to listen to a podcast with that new Podcasts app while you play in Apple Pay or read messages on your wrist.

It is also worth noting that the rumor that Spotify came to the Apple Watch did not flourish at WWDC 2018. Whether that was a big misunderstanding or something went wrong, so the company has not announced it, we they will probably never know.

Back to message apps and web content is now available in your messages on your wrist. That means that if someone sends you a link in an iMessage, you will see a small preview of how it is displayed online.

It will not be much information, but it gives you an idea if you need to open it on your phone.