Apple warns that China's tariffs will raise prices

The Apple watch is among products that company officials say will be impacted by China tariffs.

A wide range of Apple products, including Apple Watch, would be affected by the proposed tariffs in the US. UU On Chinese products, the company told US trade officials. UU

Apple did not disclose specific revenue for most of the affected products, but of those, Apple Watch could be the biggest seller. It brought approximately $ US6.1 billion in revenue last year, according to a calculation by the Bernstein analysis firm.

That represents a small portion of the $ 229 billion in total Apple sales.

Apple exposed the impact on its products of tariffs proposed by the Trump government on Chinese goods worth 200 million dollars in an unsigned letter presented to US officials on Wednesday as part of a public comment period.

On Friday, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, speaking on board Air Force One, said he has duties on an additional $ 267 billion in Chinese assets "ready to go with little time if I want."

Cell phones, the largest US import UU From China, until now they have been saved, but they will be affected if Trump activates the new rate list.

"Our concern with these tariffs is that the United States will be the most affected, and that will result in lower growth and competitiveness in the United States and higher prices for American consumers," Apple said in the letter.

The letter does not mention the iPhone, which accounted for approximately two-thirds of Apple's $ 229 billion in revenue in its most recent fiscal year.

The letter also does not mention the iPad, which brought $ US19.2 billion in sales in the most recent year, or most of its Mac computers, which generated $ US25.8 billion.

In his letter, Apple argued that the way in which US trade officials. UU Calculate the US trade balance UU -Tribuyendo the total value of a product to a country like China where the final assembly takes place- does not reflect the true value that Apple generates in the United States.

The company noted that it spent $ US50 billion with 9,000 US suppliers in its most recent fiscal year.

The technology sector is one of the biggest potential losers in the proposed $ 200 million dollar tariff list.

Fitbit crawler maker said it would receive tariffs, and chipmaker Intel said the levies could slow down the adoption of 5G networks, the next generation of wireless data technology for phones and other devices.