Apple TV Plus is now bundled with Apple Music student plans

Apple Music & # 39; s discounted student plan offers access to Apple TV Plus as soon as the service is launched on Friday 1 November. The added benefit does not increase the price of the student plan: it is still $ 4.99 per month for full access to the music streaming service. The only real reservation is that, as always, you must verify that you are enrolled at a type of university to be eligible for the reduced rate.


Apple usually doesn't like to give things away for free, or even with discounts, so the addition of Apple TV Plus to the student plan is somewhat surprising. However, it is a smart addition. Apple must reach a multitude of viewers if it wants to turn the service into a truly profitable, sustainable business. One way to do that is to get people addicted to series that they have to pay for later. Apple is already doing this in another important way: purchases of most new Apple devices now have a one-year subscription. That means that hundreds of millions of people could hook up to Apple and continue to subscribe.

Since Apple only charges $ 4.99 per month for the whole of Apple TV Plus, it may be difficult for students to sell because it is seen in view of the small size of the service library. Bundling them does not necessarily mean much for Apple, and it gives the company a lot to gain from potential subscribers and buzz for its shows.

An Apple spokesperson told us that the bundle & # 39; for a limited time & # 39; would be available, but it is not clear whether that means that Apple TV Plus will be turned off later this year or somewhere in the future when the price of the service inevitably goes up as soon as it has more content and – with some luck – some prestige behind it .