Apple Store celebrates its tenth birthday: here are some fascinating facts


Its popular App Store just turned 10 years old and at that moment the way we use our phones has changed.

"In its first decade, App Store has exceeded all of our most ambitious expectations," said Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of global marketing.

He added: "From the innovative applications that developers have dreamed to the way customers have made applications a part of their daily lives, this is just the beginning."

So here are 10 fascinating things you never met by our Apple Genius App Store from Apple.

1) When the Apple App Store was launched in 2008, it had some 500 applications. Ten years later you will find more than two million of them.


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Apple reaches an impressive milestone

2) Incredibly, the most popular payment application in 2008 was a pond simulator. Seeing fish on your phone may not sound as exciting, but the Koi Pond application topped the charts in Apple's opening year.

3) No wonder Facebook is the most downloaded application of all time in the App Store. The social network has become a global sensation with more than two billion users around the world. Up close in the downloads table of all time is WhatsApp, YouTube and Facebook Messenger.

4) If you are thinking of creating the next great application, now is a good time to try it. Apple recently revealed that it has paid more than $ 100 billion to developers since the App Store began in 2008.

5) Last year, a newly redesigned application store was introduced, making it easier and more fun to discover applications and games for the more than 500 million customers who visit it every week.

6) According to the Annie application of the website, iPhone and iPad owners use an average of 40 unique applications per month, and spend three hours per day on them. Netflix is ​​still the service to which people are most united.

7) Apple recently announced its iOS 12 update, which will reveal how much time is spent on applications. Screen Time will send daily or weekly activity reports that will allow users to see how addicted they really are.

8) The Fortnite online shooter, above, has become an instant success in the App Store. Despite being released just a few months ago, it has become the most downloaded and highest-grossing game of the year.

9) The thought applications were losing their appeal? Think again. The Apple App Store had a gigantic start until 2018. During Christmas and New Year, a record number of customers made purchases or applications downloaded from the app store, spending more than $ 890m (£ 650m) in seven days.

10) If you want to download all the applications of the store, you must buy 300 iPhone X smartphones of the highest category to fit all.