Apple starts 2018: everything that we expect to be announced

iPhone X

We are now incredibly close to another big Apple event and although the interest seems to have eased somewhat this year, we expect a few big products to appear.

The reason for the subdued enthusiasm is twofold: first, most people (including the technical press of this world) do not know exactly what the rumor is about a new iPhone trio, so that creates more confusion than excitement.

Secondly, after restarting Apple's smartphone last year, most people on the iPhone X do not expect anything world-shattering to be revealed.

However, if you skip the announcement altogether, you will miss out on one of the more interesting introductions of recent years.

The word on the Apple Boulevard is that we are going to get five new products – which would be one of the biggest launches for years – and they all add something new to the Cupertino mix.

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XC?

The iPhone X is about to get an upgrade with the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XC

This is the mystery that has disturbed us for months: what new phones will Apple actually bring to the Steve Jobs theater? Last year it was the first time that it unveiled three new handsets in one show and unfortunately for our tired fingers this seems to be the same this year.

Before we explain what's coming, if you're looking for an upgrade of something from an iPhone 7 or older, you must agree that Apple's iconic start button is no longer there.

The new phones will display & # 39; all display & # 39; are, which means there are no buttons on the front – so it's pretty sure you unlock your phone with your face when you buy a new iPhone in 2018.

The iPhone XS is the headline & # 39; product, the smaller (and easier to hold) 5.8-inch handset that is still included in all top-end technology. It will be accompanied by a similar, but larger, 6.5-inch model, currently tipped to be called the iPhone XS Max (although we are not convinced by that name).

The more unexpected option is a 6.1-inch handset that costs about two-thirds of the price of the iPhone XS, but offers similar technology. We have dubbed the iPhone 9, but it could well be called the iPhone XC, as Apple really doubles on this X-name.

We say that the XC will offer similar technology – it seems that the build quality, screen resolution and camera technology will be less powerful to keep costs low.

If you're hoping for news on a new, smaller phone, you'll see below that you'll probably be disappointed: there is little chance of a new iPhone SE 2.

Apple Watch 4 and more on WatchOS 5

Apple Watch 3

It is time that the Apple Watch 3 is replaced by the Apple Watch 4

Here's something for fans of the fitness enthusiast about: a new Apple Watch 4, which brought the first renewal of the material design for the product since it was unveiled in 2014, four years ago.

No, we do not get a rounded design – something that many think Apple needs years in spite of a square / rectangle with more info – but the screen stretches further to the sides of the device, meaning more footprints .

That is something that allows more items to be displayed on the screen and everything is just that bit more readable. The resolution will also improve to maintain the sharpness, so in general the quality will increase.

We will also hear a little more of what's coming with the new WatchOS 5 software, the thing that will bring major changes to the functionality of the Apple Watch.

The main function that many hope will appear is StreamKit, so things such as Spotify can work correctly on the Watch, but we are not convinced of that.

However, we hope to hear more about the platform, because – unlike iOS 12 – there is no WatchOS beta that would like to try.

New iPad Pro

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro 3 could also sneak into the Apple launch 2018

What is that? A new tablet in the mix too? This is probably the slightest chance that the quintet will appear on stage during the iPhone launch in 2018, but recent renders have confirmed a number of rumors that we've heard up until late.

The most important of these is that the iPad Pro 3 comes in two screen sizes – while maintaining the 10.5 and 12.9-inch displays that are currently on sale – but the home button loses to simulate the same gestures as the iPhone. X.

Fortunately, it does not appear that there is a notch on the front in the same way – the edges that are slightly thicker can absorb the forward-facing sensors – but you unlock the tablet with only your face.

This worked nicely on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, so a way to unlock a tablet more easily than the fingerprint sensor.

However, we wonder if Apple will actually launch this device if another product concentrates on it, or keep it for a separate event later in the year.

More information about iOS 12

iOS 12

We will probably learn more about iOS 12 at the launch of the iPhone, including when it will be available

And finally, we'll probably get a refresher course on the new operating system for the iPhones and iPads that Apple has put in the world over the years: iOS 12 will be brought forward again and we can see some refinements to the features.

We think the most important aspect is the screen time: show how much you use certain apps, how often you pick up your phone and have your locks in place, so you can save from your ever-increasing device addiction.

The most important news is when iOS 12 is launched – that should be around September 18 if it follows the launch schedule of previous years.