Apple says that proposed US rates will increase the prices of some of the most popular products

<pre><pre>Apple says that proposed US rates will increase the prices of some of the most popular products

Proposed US rates on goods imported from China would most likely result in a price increase on gadgets such as the Apple AirPods and the Apple Watch, according to a letter from Apple to the office of the American trade representative that was published at the weekend.

Her not the first time that we have seen warnings about how the demonstrated trade rates may affect gadget prices and sales. If Bloomberg reports, the Mac mini, the Apple Pencil and many chargers and adapters may also get a price increase, Apple predicts. For $ 50 billion in fees have already been proposed, with another $ 200 billion (the rates Apple refers to) that will soon be applicable.

"Our concern with these rates is that the US will be hit the hardest, and that this will result in lower US growth and competitiveness and higher prices for US consumers," says Apple, which suggests that tariffs are "not the right approach" to trade with China.

Presidential tweets

Apple & # 39; s letter, which also mentioned the Apple HomePod and cases for many of his most popular products, was repeated by a similar piece of correspondence from Intel. Intel supported Apple's calls to find an alternative approach to the imposed rates.

Typically, the first response from the US government came in the form of a presidential tweet, appealing to Apple to build more plants in the US and thus avoid any form of taxes or fees. It seems like the debate between Apple and the White House has been walk for some time, will not disappear in the near future.

A final decision on the final round of rates should be made soon. In the meantime, the US government has said it is considering a new round of financial fines on Chinese imports, this time for a value of $ 267 billion worth of goods.

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