Apple releases iOS 13.1 beta before iOS 13 is even out

We are just two weeks away from September 10, the day that Apple is likely to announce the iPhone 11 to the world – meaning there is not much time to complete its iOS 13 operating system before it is launched. But what if Apple did not intend to finish it then and will admit that iOS 13 is not ready yet? That could explain why the company released a beta today for iOS 13.1.


It is not a typo; Apple has just released a beta version of the iPhone operating system that is a tenth newer than that you can safely load on an iPhone. Here is the change log as proof, which you can also browse at your leisure. 9to5Mac keeps track of changes that real users will notice, and so far there are not many.

Needless to say, this situation is very unusual. But as developer Curtis Herbert notes, it can have a certain amount of meaning. Apple has not always succeeded in delivering the promised dates for software features such as AirPlay 2 and FaceTime group chats, and in recent years has had a number of embarrassing software errors and feature-critical vulnerabilities that it needed to patch.

If Apple can extend its development process and promises over the whole of iOS 13, instead of having to print specifically on iOS 13.0, this can reduce pressure somewhat, give the company more time to suppress the bugs, and involve more real users in them to see the first place. But – I speculate wildly here – it can also mean that iOS 13.0 can be an even rougher ride than normal. (Chaim reminds me that iOS 11 "was a train wreck for the first few releases".)

I am also curious if this means that AirPods Audio Sharing will not be released at the launch of iOS 13.0. It is mentioned as a feature of iOS 13.1 in the change log, although it already appeared in earlier iOS 13 beta & # 39; s.

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