Apple Podcasts Says It Will Launch In-App Subscriptions Worldwide On June 15


After some major hiccups and delays, Apple Podcasts says it will launch in-app subscriptions next week. The global launch of subscriptions and channels, which are groups of shows, will take place on June 15, the company said in an email to podcasters today, which The edge has viewed.

Apple first debuted in-app subscriptions in April with a launch planned for May. It then emailed creators to tell them the feature launch would be pushed to June to “ensure we deliver the best experience for creators and listeners,” likely due to issues the company introduced with a recent backend. -update. The feature allows listeners to subscribe to certain shows or networks for early access and ad-free content, among other benefits.

Aside from the delay in this rollout, podcasters have complained that Apple’s latest Podcasts update, made in preparation for the subscription offering, has completely ruined the system. Pod news wrote two weeks ago multiple creators experienced a series of issues, including delaying their episodes, breaking their analyzes and missing artworks. Hopefully, Apple has all that sorted out ahead of this rollout.

Meanwhile, Spotify announced and launched its plan for subscription podcasts in the time since Apple debuted its product and delayed its release. Spotify’s solution won’t allow people to subscribe in-app, allowing the creators and company to bypass Apple’s App Store fees. Instead, listeners must navigate to an external Anchor web page. Although that also forms a major hurdle between creators and potential subscribers.

Apple’s big idea is that placing a subscribe button in the podcast app could attract more premium listeners to various services, such as Luminary and Wondery Plus. Those groups had to overcome the hurdle of getting people to subscribe to an app that is separate from their usual listening platform. Starting this month, we’re finally going to see just how powerful a subscribe button can be.