Apple Music finally sorts the user interface

<pre><pre>Apple Music finally sorts the user interface

Despite previous criticism of his nonsensical user interface, Apple Music recently overtook Spotify in terms of subscriber numbers in the US, and with an organized new update, it would be on the verge of becoming even more popular with music lovers.

In the update, Apple has made it much easier to browse artists' discographies by sorting releases in studio albums, singles and EP & # 39; s, compilations and live albums, with studio albums appearing at the top of an artist's profile to show their importance. reflect.

In the past, singles and albums were lumped together, meaning you had to browse through each release to find the song or album you wanted to listen to – free the venture for fans of productive musicians like Elvis Presley, who dizziedly appears 313 albums.

Music discovery made easier

As a result of the update, many artists now have an essential albums & # 39; section, making it easier to quickly listen to the top hits of a recently discovered artist, as opposed to Spotify & # 39; s & # 39; Popular & # 39; section at the top of each artist profile.

This update comes after a series of changes in recent months, including a weekly & # 39; friend mix & # 39; that lets you discover what your friends are listening to, a & # 39; Coming Soon & # 39; section to point out upcoming releases and the ability to search for music with lyrics.

Now that iOS 12 is expected to be unveiled this week during the launch of the iPhone XS on September 12, it's a busy time for Apple – but we do not expect any further changes to Apple Music at this time.

Through Apple Insider