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Apple Music Classical is now available on Android


Apple Music Classic is now available on the Google Play Store, bringing the classical music tech giant’s app to Android users with an Apple Music or Apple One subscription. The launch was first noticed by 9to5Mac.

In 2021, Apple acquired the classical music streaming service Primephonic and announced plans to launch a classical music app in the future. Apple Music Classical first debuted on iPhone earlier this year in March. Notably, the Android launch of the app comes before the release of an optimized app for iPad and Mac.

There are currently more than five million songs available in the app, as well as more than 50 million data points with data attributes from more than 20,000 composers, more than 115,000 unique works and more than 350,000 movements. With this data, Apple Music subscribers can find recordings across the catalog through the app’s specialized search engine built for classical music.

When Apple launched the iPhone version of the app, the tech giant explained that classical works have multiple movements and tracks, while famous pieces have hundreds of recordings with different orchestras, conductors and soloists. In addition, many composers have their own special catalog classifications, meaning searches for classical music must be built differently with this complexity in mind.

Users can search for works using combinations of keywords, including composer, work, opus number, conductor, artist, instrument, or even the name of the work. And if you look up a work in the app, you’ll find all the associated recordings, as well as a hand-picked “Editor’s Choice” performance.

It’s possible that Apple launched the Android version of the app before optimized versions for the iPad and Mac, as Primephonic already has an app for Android and the new Apple Music Classical will likely replace it.

The Android version of the app requires Android 9 or later and is available worldwide where Apple Music is offered, excluding China, Japan, Korea, Russia and Taiwan.

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