Apple may be working on “Pro mode” for Macbooks that increases speed at the expense of battery life

Apple may be working on “Pro mode” for Macbooks that increases speed at the expense of battery life

  • Fragments of code discovered in a new MacOS suggest a “Pro mode”
  • That mode can improve performance at the expense of battery life
  • The typical fan speed is overwritten in the text accompanying the code

Apple can offer users of its latest Macbook an ultra-fast ‘pro mode’ for when they need faster performance.

According to a report from 9to5Mac, code sequences have been discovered in the latest MacOS beta for Catalina 10.15.3, which suggests a powerful mode that can be turned on and off as desired.

In a series of text hidden in Catalina, Apple writes: “Apps can work faster, but the battery life can decrease and the fan noise can increase,” says 9to5Mac.

By turning on the mysterious feature, Apple also notes that it overrides the fan’s speed limits – presumably to tackle an influx of heat – and automatically returns to normal mode the next day.

The latest Macbook Pro from Apple may soon have a “Pro Mode” feature that improves the performance of the computer over a period of time

Although not confirmed by Apple, a powerful feature can help you handle RAM-intensive tasks such as playing games or using other demanding software.

At the release of the machine, Apple says it has specifically overhauled the MacBook for “developers, photographers, filmmakers, scientists, music producers, and anyone who relies on a Mac to make the best work of his life.”

It is unclear whether and when the feature will actually be activated, but 9to5Mac reports that it is currently only detected in the company’s latest Macbooks.


  • 16-inch Retina display
  • 8-core processors
  • Advanced thermal design
  • 64 GB memory
  • 8 TB storage
  • Magic keyboard
  • Individual Touch ID button
  • Starting at $ 2,399

Older models may not be able to use powerful mode due to fan speed or design limitations.

The new Macbook from Apple, which went on sale in November, has a 16-inch Retina display, 8-core processors and 64 GB of memory.

The new laptop has a similar price tag to its predecessor – which was released in 2016 – but has a revised design with a brand new keyboard, a screen with higher resolution and a separate Touch ID button for biometric security.

Apart from that, Apple also announced a new desktop, the most powerful Mac Pro that went on sale in December with a starting price of $ 5,999.