Apple lures Trump by saying it wants to keep making Mac Pro in the US.

During this afternoon's talk with investors, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company is striving to assemble the 2019 Mac Pro in the United States – just like the previous "trash can" design of the advanced desktop. Apple emphasized the American assembly of that device and even made a video in which it was promoted. But the company did not mention the same plans for the Mac Pro that it unveiled at WWDC in June.


But according to Cook, the American assembly is precisely the reason why Apple has requested exclusion from US government rates for importing goods from China.

"Regarding the exceptions, we created the Mac Pro in the US. We want to keep doing that, & # 39; Cook said." So we are currently working and investing in capacity to do this because we want to stay here. And that is what lies behind the exclusions. So we explain that and hope for a positive result. "

The previous Mac Pro was assembled in the United States.
Image: Apple

The request for exclusion was rejected by President Trump on Friday, but it is clear that Cook remains hopeful that ultimately a decision will be made in favor of Apple – especially where US jobs are involved. This is clearly a statement intended to find his way to the president. The fact that Apple asked for its exemption for specific parts would have been an indication of the company's intention to continue with the US-based Mac Pro assembly.

The Wall Street Journal previously reported that the Mac Pro production would be moved entirely to China. Apple has not refuted that claim, and there is still a possibility that both things are true: Apple could start assembling the new machine in China at the start of the production run before moving the assembly to the US as soon as it moves is rested. The new Mac Pro is scheduled to start this fall; Apple has not publicly given a more specific release date.

Here is that video about the production and assembly process of the older model:

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