How to move all your data to your new iPhone

Apple has received a patent to use the logo on the back of its phones as a notification lamp. The patent, which was first spotted by Apple Insider, outlines how the "customizable decoration" can respond to events such as "incoming communication" or "a calendar reminder" by changing the appearance or blinking to attract your attention.


It is not a completely new idea. We saw a similar feature appear on the Razer Phone 2 last year and the Motorola One Zoom uses its rear Motorola logo as a notification light instead of a fingerprint sensor as in earlier models. It's not a big feature, but it's useful if you want to know that you don't miss anything important while your phone is facing down on a desk or table.

The feature makes sense for Apple products. After all, the company has a history of illuminating its logo on its older MacBooks, even if it dropped the design feature with the 2015 design of the laptop. It would not be a huge leap to bring back the illuminated logo with a little practical functionality added.

The patent regularly refers to "mobile phone calls" as part of the description, strongly suggesting that Apple is considering using the feature on a future iPhone. However, the patent also includes images that show a series of "illustrative electronic devices," including a laptop, a tablet, and what appears to be an iMac.

As is always the case with Apple patents, it is best to read this with a healthy skepticism. The fact that Apple has considered a feature does not necessarily mean that it will be included in one of its products in the near future. That doesn't mean we don't want this to happen, if only to see the glowing logo of the company make a long-awaited return.