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Apple introduces a feature that allows users to purchase products in augmented reality directly from their phones

Apple is introducing a new feature that allows users to purchase products in augmented reality directly from their phones

  • With this feature you can shop directly in Apple’s Quick Look tool
  • Quick Look places products in their space using augmented reality
  • It also enables quick customer inquiries about products
  • Spatial audio mimics the sound of products and can be used by speakers and more

Apple lets users purchase products directly through augmented reality with a new feature in the Quick Look tool.

Since last week, the company has updated its Quick Look app that allows retailers to offer a 3D model or sticker of products in augmented reality to customers on iOS to offer instant shopping.

Now, with the tap of a button, users can purchase the product they are viewing directly in AR using Apple Pay or another form of mobile payment.

With a new feature in Apple's augmented reality tool Quick Look (photo), the user can shop directly while viewing 3D products

A new feature in Apple’s augmented reality tool Quick Look (photo) lets users shop instantly while viewing 3D products

Among the companies that already support the position, Home Depot, Wayfair and 1-800-Flowers are according to TechCrunch who reported on the function for the first time.

For example, with Quick Look, users can browse furniture on Wayfair and stack products around them to get an idea of ​​how a sofa, table, chair, etc. can look before they buy it.

In addition to the payment buttons, Quick Look also introduces more options for retailers, including the possibility to open a customer support chat to ask more questions about a product or to check whether local retailers have an item in stock.

According to TechCrunch, a new spatial audio function is reportedly on the way for Quick Look. With this feature, users can get a sense of sound, for example a speaker, and change depending on where someone is in a room.

Apple has continued to promote its presence in the AR field in recent years and is said to be developing on multiple AR hardware components.

According to reports from last year, one of those products will be a headset that can switch between augmented reality and a more immersive virtual reality, which will take the same shape as a more compact virtual reality headset from Oculus, the property of Facebook.

Apple’s headset is said to also have some impressive features, including 8k screens in both eyes and the ability to stand in front of or behind enlarged objects.

At the same time, Apple is also reportedly developing a set of AR glasses that are slightly more mysterious.

Preliminary information suggests that they resemble high-end eyeware, although they have thicker frames that can accommodate the most important technology.

The company is also reportedly considering technology that would make the lenses darker when using augmented reality – a feature that would warn people around you that the device’s AR is turned on.