Apple has secretly added a 10-gigabit network option to the M1 Mac Mini


The M1-powered Mac Mini can now be configured with 10 gigabit networking capabilities, an option that the computer was noticeably missing compared to its Intel-powered counterpart (through 9to5Mac). The update to the 2020 computer appears to have come during Apple’s store update that came with the larger product announcements today, including a new iMac and iPad Pros. Adding the faster network adds $ 100 to the price of the computer – the same price as adding 10 Gbps to the Intel version.

When Apple added the 10 Gbps port as an option to the Mac Mini in 2018, it was welcomed by those at home and professional servers, as well as anyone who needed fast network access from a cheaper Mac (such as video professionals who use network storage). But when Apple introduced a faster version of the computer with its own custom chip, the ability to add networks faster than the standard Gigabit Ethernet was no longer available. If the lack of 10Gb networks got the (as of now) cheapest M1 computer out of the running for you, this is now another option.

You can order the Apple Silicon Mac Mini with faster networking today, but it may take a while for setup – Apple estimates I can have a standard M1 Mac Mini shipped to me in two days, but adding the 10Gb ethernet changes that in two weeks.