Apple Fitness Plus adds new workouts designed specifically for pregnant, novice and elderly users


Apple is adding a variety of new workouts to the $ 9.99 / month Fitness Plus service, including programs designed specifically for beginners and workouts tailored for both pregnant and older users.

“With more options to get started and stay active and healthy during pregnancy and at any age or fitness level, we hope even more people will be inspired to keep moving with our great team of passionate trainers,” said Jay Blahnik, Apple’s senior director of fitness technologies, in a press release.

The new “Workouts for Pregnancy” program consists of 10 workouts in Apple’s strength, core and conscious cooldown categories. Each workout lasts approximately 10 minutes and is designed specifically for pregnant users, with variations and suggestions for adapting the exercises as the pregnancy progresses.

“Workouts for Older Adults”, as the name implies, is a series of eight workouts designed for older users. The workouts are generally designed to use either light dumbbells or the user’s body weight and feature adjustments to use chairs or walls to assist as needed.

And for beginners just starting to work out (or starting over after a long break), Apple is adding new low-impact yoga, HIIT, and strength classes to help newbies exercise with basic exercises.

Finally, Apple Fitness Plus is also adding a new episode “Time to Walk” – an Earth Day themed program with Jane Fonda.

The newly added Workouts for Pregnancy, Workouts for Older Adults and Workouts for Beginners, as well as the new Jane Fonda Time to Walk episode, will be added to Apple Fitness Plus on Monday, April 19.