<pre><pre>Apple expands iMessage Business Chat with Shopify online stores

Apple & # 39; s iMessage-based Business Chat feature gets a major expansion today from the internet store supplier Shopify, that is adding support for the function through its existing Shopify Ping customer communication app, through Engadget.


For Shopify-based companies that already use services such as Facebook Messenger for communication with customers, adding iMessage support is no longer a lift. Support for the service means that they can offer a new opportunity to interact with people who may not be on Facebook, but who are potential customers.

And for customers, it's another safe and secure way to get support from brands or get their questions about products answered before they decide to buy. Customers can also use Apple Pay to purchase products directly from the chat if they wish.

Shopify says that Apple Business Chat will be available for all 800,000 plus stores around the world, and notes that some stores (such as the Hodinkee Shop and State Bicycle) use the function already.

Because what are messaging apps if it is not endless possibilities to continue the endless wheel of commercial sales?