Apple confirms that space gray magic keyboards, trackpads and mice are no longer available


If you want a space gray Apple accessory such as a magic mouse, keyboard or trackpad, now is the time to get one as they have been discontinued. They are currently on sale on Apple’s store page, but with a ‘while supplies last’ message (through MacRumors). Apple confirmed that The edge that it will no longer sell the space gray accessories after supplies run out, but the silver variants will still be available.

The message is the same as on the iMac Pro before it was listed as “out of stock” forever. With Apple’s space gray desktop away, it seems the company has decided to stop making the space gray accessories. It’s a bit odd considering Apple kept the color when it introduced the M1 MacBooks, where external mice and keyboards may still be in demand. The discontinuation of the dark accessories does raise the question of whether it will linger in the rumored redesign, or whether Apple will take the colorful route it has taken with the new iMacs. (Let me buy a purple iPad Pro!)

The “while supplies last” label appears only for the space gray version.

This could also be the death of the Apple made black Lightning cable: Apple does not sell it separately, it only comes with the space gray accessories. It’s really nothing special, but it’s an accessory that couldn’t be bought otherwise. I look forward to selling mine on eBay in 10 years’ time for a ridiculous price.

You may see black, but I see gold.