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Apple CEO reveals: These 3 things were the secret of Steve Jobs’ success – WhatsNew2Day


A business bible-style senpai-kohai relationship? The Thought of Steve Jobs – passed on to Tim Cook (sources: Getty Images, Wikimedia).

Maintain a minimum of mental flexibility or Don’t cling too tightly to cherished beliefs – that was the collegial advice that the legendary Steve Jobs gave to his pupil and current Apple CEO Tim Cook.

The anecdote comes from an interview with Cook, published as part of an in-depth article on gq.com.

To quote Cook’s words from the article:

Jobs taught me to refrain from tying the knot with my beliefs.

Steve Jobs’ three commandments

The accumulated wisdom of Steve Jobs can be summarized as follows:

  1. Dare to let go of outdated beliefs and beliefs.
  2. Dare to keep going – especially when you have discarded old beliefs.
  3. Keep believing in unusual ideas. This includes keeping an open ear for the ideas of fellow human beings (which may seem crazy at first).

Side note: A curious story about Steve Jobs, where the enigmatic industry legend moved his Porsche 911 to secure the cash injection for his project Next, can be read below.

What does Cook talk about in the interview still? In the further course of the detailed article, Apple Managing Director Tim Cook provides, among other things, information about his views: leadership, his self-perception as an outsider – and which tricks and tricks he uses to avoid being stuck on the display of his iPhone day in and day out.

Finally info on Apple’s mixed reality headset? Furthermore, Cook touches on the subject of Reality Pro – in the conversation it touches on the mixed reality headset that tech enthusiasts and Apple fans have been looking forward to for years.

By the way: Cook does not offer any further insights beyond the previously known regarding the VR-AR device. But: If you want to find out which key data on the mixed reality headset from Apple are known so far, click below.

By the way: Under Cook’s aegis, Apple has matured into a multi-billion dollar company. Apple, with Cook at the helm, saw the launch of the Airpods, the Apple Watch, and the M1 processor.

What do you think of the Apple legend’s advice? Have you already integrated Steve Jobs’ three commandments into your everyday life? Will you make sure to heed his tips in the future? Or is it all empty phrase mumbo-jumbo and can accordingly go away? Feel free to exchange ideas in the comments.

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