Apple brought back the much-loved magnifying glass for selecting text in iOS 15


Text selection from Apple magnifying glass has appeared again in iOS 15 beta, and Apple’s own site confirms its return by listing it as a feature. Bringing the feature back is a reversal of when Apple made the decision to ditch it in iOS 13, which is a bit rare: Apple usually doesn’t go back after doing something out (reducing scissor switches in its keyboards after years of butterfly switches). a notable exception). The return of the little pop-up is welcome, though: I can only speak for myself, but since the release of iOS 13, I’ve struggled constantly without the handy little magnifying glass.

The new version of the text magnifier seems to be slightly smaller than the old one (in case you forgot what it looked like before, see a great demonstration here), but at least it’s better than the nothingness that appears in iOS 13 and 14.

The feature list on Apple’s iOS 15 page. Didn’t we want to select exactly the text we wanted before?

It solves at least the biggest problem with the current selection system: that your thumb covers the text you are trying to select, making it A bit difficult to see what is selected until you lift your thumb off the screen. Then, if you’re like me, you’ll probably sigh when you see the wrong thing selected, then struggle with the text selection handles to try to emphasize what you were actually going for (squinting at the small screen all the time).

It’s not always that bad, but iOS 14’s text selection leaves a lot to be desired (and that’s a magnifying glass).

iOS 15 is currently in early beta, so everything we’re seeing right now is subject to change — Apple could always make the magnifying glass more prominent based on feedback, if it seems like a lot of people are still struggling. Although this feature is not whole enough for me to risk downloading the first developer beta, I think this may lead me to immediately grab the first public beta when it comes out.