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Apple: Apple may have an ‘Epic Games’ problem in the US


Several top companies including Fortnite maker Epic gameshave been in conflict with Apple more than 30% ‘tax’. Recently, a US court upheld an earlier injunction that could force Apple to change its App Store payment practices. According to the ruling iPhone maker cannot prohibit links to external App Store payments. The company has now filed a new appeal to reconsider the ruling in an antitrust case.

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In April, a three-judge bench upheld a 2021 injunction in California federal court Epic‘s lawsuit in which the game maker accused Apple of illegally requiring software developers to pay up to 30% commission on consumers’ in-app purchases.

A first-instance judge ruled that Apple violated California’s unfair competition law, but not U.S. antitrust provisions.

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Apple has filed a new filing against a nationwide injunction saying the practice is “pro-competitive and does not violate antitrust laws.”

Epic challenges the reign
Meanwhile, Epic also disputed the ruling, saying Apple was directly involved in the “core purpose” of US antitrust law to promote competition.

“Epic also argued that the appeals court failed to make a ‘rigorous’ assessment of alleged consumer benefits against anti-competitive effects of Apple’s practices,” the report said.

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Lawyers for the two companies said the panel would have to rehear the case or the court would have to convene a panel of 11 judges to reconsider the dispute.

In 2021, Epic sued both Apple and Google alleging that the Silicon Valley giants are breaking antitrust laws by forcing app developers to pay a 30% discount on all transactions.

In response, both Apple and Google removed Fortnite from their app stores because Epic asked gamers not to follow the stores’ rules and pay for it directly.

Earlier this year, Fortnite announced that all players using the August 2020 build will no longer be able to spend V-Bucks. It said it wants to update the game with current services, but is unable to do so due to the “restrictions” on Fortnite by Apple and Google.


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