Apple apologizes for Siri audio recordings and announces future privacy changes

Apple has formally apologized for its privacy practices: secretly letting human contractors listen to recordings of customers talking to his Siri digital assistant to improve service. "We realize that we have not fully lived up to our high ideals, and that is why we apologize," Apple said.


The company also announced several changes to Siri's privacy policy:

Firstly, we no longer preserve audio recordings of Siri interactions as standard. We will continue to use computer-generated transcripts to help improve Siri.

Second, users can sign up to help improve Siri by learning the audio clips of their requests. We hope that many people will choose to help Siri improve, knowing that Apple respects their data and has powerful privacy controls. Those who choose to participate can unsubscribe at any time.

Third, when customers sign up, only Apple employees are allowed to listen to audio samples of the Siri interactions. Our team will work on deleting any recording that has been determined to be an unintended trigger of Siri.

The development of …

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