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Apparently 2,400 Steam users banned just for using a feature exactly as intended – WhatsNew2Day


A Steam Review for the game Warlander was the undoing of 2,400 players.

The user reviews on Steam are among the most popular features. Not only can you quickly get an overview of whether a game is suitable for you, but you will also find funny reviews and occasionally even warnings about rip-offs or worse.

You can post particularly helpful articles with a thumbs up mark – and as it has now turned out, even be partially blocked for it on Steam.

Steam ban because of the thumbs-up button – what’s behind it?

The free-2-play game Warlander appeared on Steam at the end of January. Here you have to compete as knights, magicians and clerics in large PVP battles and storm the castles of the other teams.

Warlander: The Medieval Game shows off its massive sieges in the trailer

FYNG CAGGTUS Which co op or multiplayer title should we play.svg


Warlander: The Medieval Game shows off its massive sieges in the trailer

A player named Freedoms117 wrote a negative Steam review shortly after the release, in which he specifically complained about the Sentry anti-cheat system. He suspected the system of continuing to run even after the game was closed and sending data packets to Japanese IP addresses.

Finally, in his post, he explained how to completely uninstall the anti-cheat from your system and remove all entries in the registry. For his statement, he not only received 2,439 positive reviews, but also several hundred awards. The post was recently removed for violating the Steam User Agreement.

The author’s Steam account has also been blocked from all community activities for 30 days, so writing and rating reviews and posting in forums is no longer possible. However, everyone who marked the post as helpful should also be affected by the same ban as a Steam user in the online forum slashdot reported.

Why is Steam doing this? Apparently a Steam moderator mistakenly labeled Freedoms117’s post as potentially dangerous classified because his manual had described changes to the registry. In addition, the moderators always keep an eye out for reviews that allow cheats or the overturning of anti-cheat systems. Since neither is the case, all bans were lifted again, as the Steam Support in Warlander Forum confirmed.

However, the hidden review will definitely not appear again. Instead, support advises the user to republish the text in the guide area.

Publisher Plaion has already reacted to the negative feedback on the anti-cheat and created its own support article published. As a result, the anti-cheat is said to have never been active while the game was closed. A bug would only have ensured that the icon would not disappear from the tray area.

For its part, Steam has already announced that the game, the developers and the heavily criticized anti-cheat system will now be checked.

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