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app store: $1.1 trillion and counting: total invoices and sales in the App Store ecosystem by 2022


Apple recently announced the App Store ecosystem facilitated $1.1 trillion in developer billings and sales by 2022, building on developers’ track record of strong, resilient growth, an independent study by economists from Analysis group found it. The App Store continues to create incredible opportunities for developers around the world, with more than 90 percent of billings and sales accruing exclusively to developers and businesses of all sizes – with no commission paid to Apple.

Today, developers on the App Store have more ways than ever to monetize their apps and build successful businesses. Analysis Group economists estimate that last year App Store developers generated $910 billion in total bills and sales from the sale of physical goods and services, $109 billion from in-app advertising, and $104 billion from digital goods and services.
“We’ve never been more hopeful about – or more inspired by – the incredible community of developers around the world,” he said Tim is cooking, CEO of Apple. “As stated in this report, the App Store is a vibrant, innovative marketplace where opportunity thrives, and we are more committed than ever to investing in developer success and the future of the app economy.”

Invoices and sales to developers increased 27 percent from 2019 to 2020; 27 percent between 2020 and 2021; and 29 percent between 2021 and 2022. Small developers in particular experienced tremendous success in the App Store — surpassing larger developers by growing their revenue by 71 percent between 2020 and 2022. Analysis Group economists believe that these types of growth rates are positive indicators, consistent with a thriving market full of dynamism, innovation and competition.

The App Store commerce engine provides Apple developers around the world with a global distribution platform that supports more than 195 local payment methods and 44 currencies across 175 storefronts. It also enabled developers to reach users across borders: by 2022, 54 percent of downloads took place in stores outside the developer’s home country. According to new data from Apple, the App Store attracted more than 650 million average weekly visitors worldwide by 2022. And users will have downloaded and re-downloaded apps an average of more than 747 million and 1.5 billion times per week by 2022.


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