Apex Legends season three comes with a brand new card and a moving train

Respawn made one bomb announcement be first Apex Legends fight this morning against a generous shooter and reveal a brand new card for the coming third season. The new destination, called World & # 39; s Edge, is "where melted heat and chemical ice collide," indicating that players compete against each other in an environment with extreme temperatures.


In a teaser trailer in front of the map we see both icy and lava-filled battlefields. In a variant of the existing dropship there is also a moving train, which should add a very interesting mobile element to World & # 39; s Edge. Respawn says that the location, next to its new legend Crypto, will arrive next season 1 on October 1.

Beyond the news of a new arena to participate in, the unveiling of a secondary one Apex Legends map also highlights a shift in Respawn's strategy. Although the studio had been planning a second card for quite some time, it had never been openly discussed or Apex Legends would be modeled more Playerunknown & # 39; s Battlefields, with multiple rotating cards or those from Epic Fortnite, which has a constantly changing setting. (There are some rumors Fortnite can shake that formula with his upcoming season 11.)

Now, with the unveiling of World & # 39; s Edge, it's pretty clear that Respawn uses the previous approach. And that's probably a good thing. Apex Legends is basically a competitive first-person shooter, and it relies less on the stories about the environment that were made Fortnite so attractive for both hardcore and casual players. It is less necessary for Respawn to build a single, ever-evolving environment and more necessary for the studio to offer players dynamic locations to fight into.

Here's the hope that Respawn will come up with smart ways to keep both cards fresh and popular at the same time, which can be a problem if World & # 39; s Edge turns out to be much more fun than the original location of the Canyon Canyon.