Apex Legends season 2 will arrive July 2 with a better batting pass and huge card changes

Respawn & # 39; s sci-fi battle generous shooter Apex Legends gets his next major update starting July 2 with the launch of his second season fight card, a new legend to play and a whole series of new changes to the card. With the title Battle Charge, the second season introduces the very first structural changes to the King & # 39; s Canyon card and brings a new character to Wattson, an engineer type who can build electricity traps. Wattson was first revealed earlier this month on E3, but now we get to see her background story as it covers the whole Apex Legends Lore.


Perhaps the most crucial new change, however, is the introduction of large-scale monsters onto the map, including the massive Leviathan beasts floating around in the water outside the island's edges. Pictured in a new season 2 CGI trailer that has dropped today, with the release date also announced, we see the giant Repulsor tower tilt off the map, suggesting that the island's defense against the winged dinosaur-like beasts and the Leviathans is disturbed. (The culprit behind the attack, a character named Crypto, is is supposed to be the next legend to compete later in season 2.)

In a leaked gameplay trailer Respawn has yet to be officially released, we can see that this plague in the CGI trailer actually translates into real gameplay changes in the form of roaming dragon creatures and possibly even a special game mode where the Leviathan wreaks havoc on the island's mid-match. There is also the possibility that the Leviathan will remain a match in every match and that the arrival can be triggered by a series of special conditions that are achieved by the participating players.

The leaked gameplay trailer also reveals brand new skins that are much more detailed than before, new midair emotes to show off while your skydive, a whole new weapon in its own unique category, and the icons and layers for the game's new coveted rankings . mode. The changes would hopefully make for a much more attractive battle this time, after the season was plagued by lax rewards and a debilitating progression.

All in all, it looks like a number of exciting changes that are aimed at repairing part of it Apex Legends& # 39; Explosive popularity just after launch before the player base of the game slowly expired. Respawn, who has talked openly about maintaining a healthy working culture and avoiding crunch, would like to introduce more changes, but at a pace where the leadership of the studio feels comfortable. At the reception of both the CGI trailer and the leaked gameplay, fans are enthusiastic.

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