Apex Legends now has more than 100 million players


Fight generous shooter Apex Legends now has more than 100 million unique players worldwide, EA and Respawn announced Wednesday. The free-to-play game surpassed the big milestone just over two years after launching in February 2019.

Apex Legends’ success is just the latest indication that free-to-play battle royale shooters remain very popular, despite the genre getting quite busy in recent years. Activision’s Call of Duty: Warzone touch over 75 million players last August, reaching that point less than five months after launching in March 2020. And Epic Games said it’s a big hit Fortnite had as many as 350 million registered players last May – presumably that number has only increased.

Since Apex Legends’ launching on Xbox, PlayStation and PC, Respawn has continued to add new content and updates to the game, and it even has a (delayed) port to the Nintendo Switch in March. The game now has 16 playable characters, three different maps, and is currently in its eighth season.