Apex Legends is launching a duos game mode for the first time

Battle generous shooting game Apex Legends gets a unique game mode that fans have been asking about for months: duos & # 39; s. The temporary playlist for duos & # 39; s goes live on November 5, developer Respawn announced today, and it will break with the strict three-player format of the game. Respawn has added temporary solo events in the past, but it has never been allowed before that only two people work together. If previous events are an indication, Respawn is likely to stick to matches of 60 people, ie 30 teams per match.


With the launch of Apex Legends Respawn held onto its cannons in February with a tight focus on three-headed squadrons. The entire game – including how firefights are designed to play out and the way subclass abilities come together – is focused on trios and is able to provide adequate coverage, heal and revitalize your squadron members during an intense fight. The approach has earned it Apex Legends 70 million registered players from this month, making it one of the most popular shooters on the market.

But demanding players to collaborate with total strangers over the internet is indeed a big question, even with the game's robust non-verbal communication functions. It is not always fun to play Top when you cannot trust your teammates enough and you are constantly being cleaned up by more skilled and organized squadrons. And Top, more than competitive Battle Royale games such as Fortnite, does not offer players many in-game activities that are not about winning. The harder it is to win or even place high, the harder it is to enjoy the game.

So Respawn experimented with informal, limited modes that could give the solo audience their solution without compromising the game's core mode and competitive playlist. Now we are going to see how duo & # 39; s will work.