Anti-feminist blogger admits to having defaced the Eurydice Dixon memorial site

Blogger Andrew Nolch has admitted defacing a memorial for Eurydice Dixon with obscene graffiti.

A Melbourne anti-feminist blogger admits that she defaced a memorial to the death of comedian Eurydice Dixon with lascivious graffiti in an attempt to make a "political statement" and be in the news.

Andrew Nolch, 29, pleaded guilty on Thursday to criminal damages for painting a 25-meter-long penis at the Princes Park memorial in June, days after Ms. Dixon was raped and murdered.

Nolch, who hosts a Scientology podcast and has anti-feminist and antivibbon beliefs, put on gloves and turned off his phone that night to avoid police detection.

The body of Eurydice Dixon was found on a football field in Melbourne on June 13, 2018.


He did it because he believed that feminists and the media had "kidnapped" Ms. Dixon's death and "had turned it into a women's rights issue," a court has heard.

Defense attorney Glenn Thexton says that Nolch's views are held by "many others" in society.

"His main goal was to make a political statement regarding how he felt that all men were represented as bad," Thexton told the Magistrates Court in Melbourne on Thursday.

Mr. Thexton suggested that if Nolch had drawn a flower on the grass, it would not have had the same impact.

"There is a lot of symbolism in what he drew on the grass."

But the lawyer's arguments did not sit well with Judge Olivia Trumble.

"Your anti-feminist beliefs, where does that come from, what's going on?" she asked.

"I do not find much of that to be very useful."

Mrs. Trumble wondered if Nolch regretted what he did.

"He has openly stated that he is not sorry for drawing the graffiti on the grass," Thexton said.

"But he is sorry for offending the family of Eurydice Dixon."

Ms. Dixon, 22, was raped and murdered while walking home through Carlton North Park after performing a comedy show on June 13.

The flowers soon piled up in the field where his body was found and the monument was visited by thousands.

Nolch defaced the monument the night before a public vigil for Mrs. Dixon.

Firefighters and city hall workers worked all night but could not remove the graffiti, so the lawn had to be replaced at a cost of almost $ 20,000.

June 21, 2018: Family and friends say goodbye to Eurydice Dixon.

June 21, 2018: Family and friends say goodbye to Eurydice Dixon.


Nolch was soon arrested and told the police he did it to annoy the feminists and do something "funny to do the news".

"He said he wanted Melbourne to wake up with a giant cock in the park," High Commissioner Alistair Macpherson told the court.

A bottle of Passion Pop, cigarettes and a basketball magazine were found on the site. Nolch told the police that the items should distract the police.

Nolch, who has a maintenance business, was ordered to pay more than $ 19,500 in compensation for the damage.

He will be evaluated for an order of corrections from the community.

A man, aged 19, was charged with rape and murder of Mrs. Dixon.