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Anthony Rendon was fouled in his first game since trying to pass an A fan after being denied comment


Anthony Rendon was stung in his first encounter since attempting to pass an A’s fan after refusing to comment on the altercation amid an MLB investigation.

Los Angeles Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon declined comment Saturday while Major League Baseball investigates an incident he had with an Oakland Athletics fan Thursday night.

The incident occurred shortly after the final exit of the Angels’ 2-1 loss at Oakland Coliseum on Opening Day.

In a 12-second video of the incident, Rendon grabbed the fan’s shirt through a railing in Oakland and accused him of calling him a “b****”. The fan denied ever releasing his name before Rendon called him ‘motherf****r’ and criticized him but missed it.

Asked about the incident before Saturday afternoon’s game, Rendon said “I’m sorry, I can’t comment.” As Rendon was running around the field for pre-game warm-ups, he was asked about the climate between him and the fans.

“Sorry,” said Rendon, shrugging and jogging away for exercise.

Rendon was injured during the 2022 MLB season, playing a mediocre 47 games

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Angels manager Phil Nevin said frantic interactions between players and fans are not uncommon.

“Unfortunately, this happens a lot,” Nevin said. Often we don’t see it. You will hear things all the time.

‘You hear a lot.’ Right now, I don’t want to comment on the Anthony incident or anything to go along with it.

When asked why he could not comment, Nevin referred to the ongoing MLB investigation. Nevin also didn’t think the situation would be a long-term distraction for his players.

Maybe at this moment. But I don’t think so, said Nevin. One thing I say all the time is we have a great group there.

“One thing I was proud of last year and then continued through the spring was the way this team held together and held together. And they will all stand together now.

Rendon, 32, was 0-for-3 with two hits and a walk on Thursday. The team had Friday off. He was trying to clean up Saturday’s game.

Rendon was a huge disappointment for the Angels as he kicked off the fourth season of a seven-year, $245 million deal. He has just 20 homers, 89 RBIs, and a . 250 average in 158 games over three seasons plus Opening Day.

Last season, a wrist injury helped Rendon limit him to 47 games. He hit. 229 with five homers and 24 RBIs.

And third baseman Anthony Rendon was booed when he stepped up to the plate during Saturday's game

And third baseman Anthony Rendon was booed when he stepped up to the plate during Saturday’s game

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