Golden State Warriors player Anthony Lamb has reportedly been accused of rape in a lawsuit filed against the University of Vermont - which he attended between 2016 and 2020

Anthony Lamb, Golden State Warriors’ player, is accused of raping his ex girlfriend in 2019. This lawsuit was filed against the University of Vermont.

  • Anthony Lamb, Warriors forward, has been accused in Sep. 2019 of raping ex-wife
  • Lamb was named, though not as a defendant, in a lawsuit filed by Kendall Ware and two other women against the University of Vermont.
  • It is claimed Lamb was repeatedly told “no” by Ware as he raped him
  • The Golden State Warriors have responded to the allegations with a statement
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Anthony Lamb, a Golden State Warriors player, has been accused of rape in an accusation against the University of Vermont.

Although Lamb is not named as a defendant in this case, Kendall Ware, a former member on the Vermont swim and diving team, is alleged to have been raped by him. 

Three women – including Ware – have sued the school, its trustees, among other for violations of Title IX, sex discrimination and denial of equal protection.

A sexual assault of Ware, Lamb is alleged that took place on September 7, 2019, at an event hosted by the University of Vermont basketball team. 

Lamb allegedly anally penetrated Ware while she repeatedly begged for him to stop. He kept telling her “no” over-and-over. The lawsuit states that he ignored her repeated demands and told her to “just take” and continued to sexually assault her. 

Anthony Lamb, a Golden State Warriors player, has been accused of rape in an accusation filed against the University of Vermont. He attended the University of Vermont between 2016 and 2020.

Ware was said to have been’shattered’ and had’suicidal thoughts’ before suffering from ‘deep depression’ in the aftermath.

According to the suit, they began dating in January 2019 and were together for six months before breaking up. 

A Warriors spokesperson issued a statement about the allegations to Rolling Stone. 

The Golden State Warriors Forward Played As Recently As Wednesday, Scoring Seven Points

The Golden State Warriors forward played as recently Wednesday, scoring seven points

A rep for the Warriors stated that Anthony is not a defendant in the recent lawsuit and that he has never been accused of any wrongdoing in any legal matter.

‘Prior signing Anthony in September we did our due diligence at the NBA and his previous teams, as we do with all other players. We will review any new information that comes to our attention and take the appropriate actions.

Lamb attended the university in 2016 and 2020. He After stints with the San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets and now the Warriors, I was not drafted.