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Anthony Albanese mocks the Coalition in parliament


Anthony Albanese stings the Coalition with a brutal burn after they complained that he called them ‘No-alition’ in Parliament

  • Prime Minister called opposition ‘non-alition’ for opposing climate policy
  • They complained and mocked for calling the ‘wah-mbulance’
  • Mr. Albanese also raised his eyebrows for mispronouncing the island of Kiribati.

Anthony Albanese has mocked the opposition for complaining that he gave them a cruel nickname in parliament, saying they called the ‘wah-ambulance’.

His own party asked the prime minister an easy question about climate change policy and called the Coalition the ‘Non-alition’ for opposing it.

“Not only are they so committed to saying no to everything and becoming a ‘no-alition,’ but they are saying no to their own policies,” he told Question Time on Tuesday.

The opposition benches were immediately infuriated by his comment and Paul Fletcher rose to object on a point of order.

Anthony Albanese has mocked the opposition for complaining that he has given them a derisive nickname in parliament.

President Milton Dick anticipated what Fletcher was going to complain about and asked Albanese to use the Coalition’s real name.

‘He wah-The ambulance rushed there,” the prime minister said in response to the objection.

Albanese has frequently called the Coalition the No-Coalition both inside and outside of parliament since he coined it earlier this year, but he is generally not accused of it.

The prime minister also surprised when he mispronounced the name of the Pacific island nation of Kiribati multiple times in parliament.

‘How good is our relationship when you can’t say the name of the country?’ a Liberal Party MP turned and told Alex Hawke and Scott Morrison.

Both sit next to each other in the “naughty corner” of the House of Representatives and rarely contribute to debate.

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