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Anthony Albanese Cheap Seats:TV presenter Melanie Bracewell drops the F-bomb in front of Anthony Albanese leaving the Prime Minister stunned


Anthony Albanese Cheap Seats: TV presenter Melanie Bracewell drops F-bomb in front of Anthony Albanese, leaving PM stunned

Anthony Albanese was left momentarily stunned after a TV presenter dropped the F-bomb in front of him during an interview.

The Prime Minister appeared on Network 10’s current affairs show The Cheap Seats on Tuesday evening.

He spoke about the Indigenous Voice in Parliament, the G20 Summit in India and his relationships with world leaders with show hosts Tim McDonald and Melanie Bracewell.

Given that Bracewell is a Kiwi, the hosts playfully handed the Prime Minister her “citizenship papers” in a folder for him to approve.

As the interview was about to end, Bracewell accidentally dropped his microphone and swore.

TV presenter and comedian Melanie Bracewell (left) dropped an F-bomb in front of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese (right) during an appearance on The Cheap Seats.

‘Sorry, sorry. F***!’ she says.

The show’s audience, as well as Mr Albanese, burst into laughter in response to the gaffe.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Bracewell continued.

I didn’t want to swear in front of you, it’s embarrassing.

McDonald then returned Bracewell’s “citizenship papers” to the Prime Minister.

“Feel free to write ‘Refused’ on that now,” he joked.

As Mr Albanese looked through the papers and handed them back, McDonald told him he was making a “good choice”.

The Prime Minister then followed up with a humorous quip.

“If we denied Australian citizenship (to those) who say that word, we would be in real trouble. We really would have a skills crisis,” he said.

Mr Albanese joked that the country would be

Mr Albanese joked that the country would be “in trouble” if citizenship was denied to those who uttered the F-word.

It comes as Mr Albanese hit back at Voice to Parliament critics who say the proposal lacks detail.

The Prime Minister told voters there was “nothing to fear” from the upcoming referendum, saying it was “simply a matter of recognition and then an advisory body”.

Speaking to 10News, Mr Albanese insisted there was nothing wrong with the amount of detail in the proposal.

“The details are there and of course Parliament will determine the composition and procedures of Voice,” he said on the show.

He went on to say that those who question why the referendum must take place before the implementation of Voice is worked out are not asking a “real question”.

“The Constitution sets out the principles and the beauty of this proposal is that it doesn’t interfere with the primacy of Parliament, it reinforces it – that’s the whole point,” he said.

Mr Albanese told voters there was no

Mr Albanese told voters there was “nothing to fear” from the Voice referendum, saying it was “just about recognition and then an advisory body”.

“It will be up to Parliament to determine the functions and procedures, the composition of the Voice and that is how our Constitution is written.

“It says we will have a defense force, it doesn’t say how many tanks we will have, it doesn’t say where the bases will be, it doesn’t say how big our army should be.”

Mr Albanese would not admit there was an ugly element to the Voice campaign.

“I think some of the tone of the debate has been really unfortunate and whether it’s the participants or the tone set by certain elements of the media, it’s unfortunate.”

The Voices to Parliament referendum will take place on October 14.

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