Answerly: A Solution for Writers

Nathaniel Hawthorne was indeed onto something when he said, “Easy reading is damn hard writing.” Simply put, it is not easy to write. Intensive research, perfect vocabulary and expression, authentic and accurate information are just some of the ingredients of the recipe of good writing. Imagine putting your blood, sweat, and tears into words and then selling them for zilch. We are here to turn that around and tell you how you can get money for the value that you offer.  

Answerly is Solution to Your Problems!


Before the Joker spread chaos in Gotham City, he taught us a valuable lesson: “If you are good at something, never do it for free.” All writers should adopt these wise words as a rule of thumb. Yes, it includes you, too; you randomly answer queries on various Q&A platforms. If you are fond of sharing insightful information and providing accurate and helpful answers to people, it is high time you got compensated for your ideas. Answerly is the solution. Answerly values the skills of good writers and rewards them for writing high-quality answers. Answerly is an emerging Q&A platform that is ready to take on the giants with a straightforward rule, i.e., pay writers. You get the chance to answer questions and earn money for that.

Get Paid for Quality Answers!

You can get paid for just answering queries on Answerly. Answerly has an algorithm to ensure that the high-quality answers which provide valuable and timely information earn crypto rewards. Based on grammatical accuracy, sentence structure, use of keywords, and other metrics, algorithms are developed to assess the quality of an answer. Moreover, like other Q&A platforms, Answerly allows the users to upvote the answers. Data derived from the algorithm combined with the number of upvotes determines the user’s reward. Rest assured your finest answer will not go unnoticed or remain unpaid. The reward is given in the form of ANSR tokens. You can get your reward in fiat without a fret after you have earned ten ANSR tokens.

Select Your Writing Niche


If you think you know a little too much about football or you are a fitness expert, these categories are your niches. Whenever you are bored, you can spend a few minutes of your day and answer the questions in your niche. Sharing your expert, practical answers will help you become a part of the community. Furthermore, it increases your chances of ranking high and earning a big reward. Not only is this an engaging and entertaining way to share information, but it also ensures that you get paid for doing so. Moreover, with time you can enhance your knowledge and learn new information. Not just that, answering questions can also help you refine your writing skills as you will come across several topics daily.

With Answerly, learning and writing are no more laborious tasks. You do not have to give in long hours to write answers or answer a specific number of answers to earn a reward. The best feature of Answerly is that it has made earning money very convenient. You can answer queries of your own choice at your convenience and get paid for them. You no longer have to waste your valuable and bright ideas and opinions. You can share them with Answerly users and earn well. Whether you like to write for fun or you’re a professional writer, Answerly is the answer to your financial questions.

Answerly is such a fascinating idea that it will need several discussions before one fully grasps the concept! Unfortunately, though, we have run out of the time and space for this discussion. Nevertheless, we are super optimistic that you must have learned something, if not everything, new about this massive revolution in the world of Q & A platforms! On that optimistic note, we bid you farewell from this space!