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Another released immigration detainee arrested, just days after his grandmother was allegedly beaten by an asylum seeker

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A released immigration detainee has been charged with allegedly failing to comply with his visa-mandated curfew and failing to maintain a monitoring device.

The AFP arrested and charged the 45-year-old Sundanese man on Monday after locating him in Melbourne. He appeared in Melbourne Magistrates Court the same day and was granted bail.

The former detainee was one of 154 men released from an immigration detention center in November after the High Court ruled that indefinite detention was unlawful.

The man is alleged to have breached the conditions of his Commonwealth visa on three occasions between April 20, 2024 and April 29, 2024 by failing to comply with residential curfew obligations and failing to maintain his monitoring device.

His arrest comes just days after a Perth grandmother was allegedly assaulted by another recently released immigration detainee during a violent home invasion.

The man was one of three people arrested for the assault and robbery of Ninette Simmons, 73, in early April.

Western Australian police allege the trio assaulted Ms Simmons’ husband Philip, 76, and tied his hands behind his back, before stealing $200,000 worth of jewellery.

The three criminals entered the couple’s house posing as police officers.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has sought explanations about the incident from Immigration Minister Andrew Giles and Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil.

“Sadly, these are victims like we have seen in Perth, and I think we will see across the country, who are paying the price for the incompetence of the Albanian government and the two ministers… are missing in action.” he told Nine’s Today programme.

“There has to be transparency, because from day one, the government kept everything secret, and if they have nothing to hide, then they should be frank and open with the Australian people.”

While the government attempted to pass laws in parliament in March that would impose mandatory minimum one-year prison sentences for detained immigrants who do not cooperate with deportation attempts, the proposal was delayed by the opposition and cross-party groups.

Dutton denied opposing the laws for political reasons.

“We demanded that the government strengthen the legislation often, which is what they ended up doing, because what they originally proposed was very weak,” he said.

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