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Another prequel to Game of Thrones is coming, this time going much further back in time


Hundreds of years before Daemon Targaryen began the rule of the House of Dragons, a new series could depict the seizure of power. (Source: HBO Entertainment)

In the wake of the smash hit of House of the Dragon – even if the series has been surpassed by The Last of Us – it’s not surprising that HBO’s plans are ripening: two series based on the works of George RR Martin are to become one entire series and film universe.

As Variety reportsgetting serious about a series around the Conquest of Westeros by Aegon Targaryen Discussed 300 years before Jon Snow’s fight against the white walkers. The basis would be the quasi-historical novel by Goerge RR Martin fire and blood serve.

Credible rumours….

The film studio is trying to go into production as soon as possible and is currently looking for an author. Now Variety only on exclusive sources appointed and present no evidencebut the rumor seems believable. Because as well as IGN picks up, were at times 15 different concepts in the evaluation. Nothing is guaranteedbut it’s hardly surprising that this epic moment in the history of Martin’s world is being seriously considered as a series backdrop.

Story: The plot of this prequel series would accompany a war of unprecedented visual violence involving the Seven Kingdoms. Ultimately, Aegon, along with his sister-wives Visenya and Rhaenys, occupies six of the seven kingdoms – only Dorne can resist.

Towering over all the battles – literally – the Dragons of the three. So fans could certainly look forward to plenty of scaly fire action here.

A film to start with?

Furthermore, Variety writes that HBO is considering whether it would make sense to initiate such a far-reaching storyline with a feature film together with Warner Bros. But these are also superior in the river.

Are you happy? Can’t get enough shows from the George RR Martins universe? Or have you already had enough and would rather the author finally finish his book series without getting further distracted by HBO? Do you have any hope at all? Should the need arise, who would you wish to be Martin’s heir to end the series? Lots of questions, let us know your answers in the comments!

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