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Another horse dies at Churchill Downs, taking death toll to 11 in a MONTH at home of Kentucky Derby


Another horse dies at Churchill Downs, killing 11 in a MONTH at home of Kentucky Derby as PETA calls on track to ‘implement life-saving changes’

Eleven horses have now died in a month at Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby, after Lost in Limbo had to be euthanized after falling in a race on Friday.

The seven-year-old gelding fell nose-first into the ground and can be seen writhing in pain before falling twice after trying to get up. He was breathing heavily, visibly distressed, as vets rushed to try and help the horse.

The horse was apparently in distress before the race and threw his jockey, Ricardo Santana Jr, into the post parade but was allowed to participate anyway on Friday.

Lost in Limbo’s death was appalled by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). A statement provided to DailyMail.Com said: ‘Churchill Downs requires a fleet of equine ambulances to transport fatally injured horses out of public view.

“Today (Friday) Lost in Limbo became the 11th fatality since April 27, when he crashed nose-first onto the runway and was lying in the dirt.

“The horse should have been eliminated before the race when he threw the jockey and flew away. It is not clear if a veterinarian examined him after his escape.

“Churchill Downs is complicit in this carnage for not closing this track to implement vital changes.

“CEO Bill Carstanjen needs to stop hoping things will get better, be a leader and act now. If he doesn’t, the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission has to do it for him.


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