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Announcing an Expansion Card from Western Digital for Xbox Series Platforms | -WhatsNew2Day


Western Digital offers some much-needed products in the storage upgrade market for multiple platforms including the Xbox, as the company recently announced 512GB and 1TB expansion cards for the Xbox Series S/X.

It’s the first time we’ve seen storage expansions for the Xbox from a company other than Seagate. The price of the cards Western Digital Around $80 for the 512GB and $150 for the 1TB version, those prices seem like a significant drop, but Seagate has also heard about Western Digital’s plans and has adjusted their pricing accordingly with the 512GB version available from Seagate at $90 and the 1TB card at $150.

Either way, it’s great to see someone make an extra storage card for the Xbox, as prices have remained high from Seagate as the sole manufacturer, while a 1 TB card was about $ 219.99, now you can also save $ 10 on the 512 version by getting a Western card Digital.

Microsoft chose storage cards as the main storage expansion for its Xbox Series X / S platforms, which makes increasing the storage space very easy, unlike Sony, which chose an M.2 2280 hard drive, so that PS5 owners can choose any of them in the market due to their availability . In the end, who It’s good to see Western Digital always looking to bolster storage for home platforms.

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