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Announcement of the 3rd Annual Impy Awards

Well, look at the time of year. That’s right – it’s the season of Impys! We are so excited to announce that the 3rd Annual Impy Awards, the third ever installment of our annual Dreams award show, will take place on February 27, 2022 and that the nominations are open… now!

Every year the Impy Awards are our chance to celebrate another 12 months of Dreams, and all the dreamers who made it so special. This year will be no different! We will be live on Twitch to hand out trophies to some of the most amazing, original and exciting creations and creators in the Dreamiverse – while also looking back at everything 2021 has given us in Dreams.

One of the biggest changes we’re making this year is asking dreamers to nominate themselves instead of nominating others. This should allow dreamers to showcase the work they are most proud of. All details can be found on our nomination form as well as on indreams.me.

Now, without further ado, here are this year’s categories:

  • Creator(s)/Team of the Year
  • Creation of the Year
  • Excellence in Art Direction
  • Excellence in Environmental Art
  • Excellence in story
  • Excellence in sculpture
  • Song of the Year
  • Musician of the year
  • Excellence in Animation
  • Excellence in gameplay
  • Most Original Gameplay
  • Excellence in Curation
  • Excellence in character design
  • Excellence in audio design
  • Excellence in innovation
  • Excellence in voice acting
  • Contribution Beyond Dreams
  • Excellence in VR
  • Evolving experience
  • Community Star
  • Most helpful dreamer
  • Community cooperation
  • Breakthrough Dreamer

You will notice quite a few differences in the categories this year. We think this is our most comprehensive list of Impy categories yet, and we’re really excited to see the nominations pour in. You have until the end of the day on December 5, 2021 to submit your nominations. As usual, a handful of these categories will be open to the community for voting early in the new year, so stay tuned for details on these.

As we mentioned above, the Impy Awards are our way of celebrating the inspiring community within and beyond the Dreamiverse, and we hope you do too during this year’s festivities. We’ll be launching a new playable Impys hub space in Dreams leading up to the event, inviting dreamers around the world to get into the Impys atmosphere, and we’ll also be celebrating Dreams’ birthday the week before t/ to February 27. It is sure to be one big party!

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