Announced Bets and Call Bets in Roulette


The glitz and glamor of the roulette table cannot be understated. The game is enjoyed across the world both in Europe and further afield, for example in the US where they have their own version of the game with an extra zero. It is equally as popular in their North American neighbors, Canada.

Many many online casinos in Canada offer the game to their players. However, while the game can be found in many online betting venues, in which there are myriad benefits such as convenience, casino bonuses, and a wider selection of games.

However, if you do find yourself somewhere in a city where there is a real-world casino with a roulette table then it might be worth your while heading to that venue for a spin of the famous wheel. One of these reasons we will discuss today.

This reason is the option for Announced and Call bets and today, we will explain what these are, how you can use and why you might be encouraged to use them. Let’s find out.

What are Announced Bets and Call Bets?

There is a common misconception in the world of roulette that announced bets and calls bets are the same thing. While there is some truth to this, fundamentally, while similar, there are quite significant differences between the two occurrences.

Their similarities stem from the fact that the way the bet is that both types of bets come verbally. i.e. the players active “announcing” or “calling” the bet they are going to make, as opposed to the traditional wager method where you would place chips on the table.

The difference stems from the fact that in a “call” bet the player who has made the wager doesn’t have to actually place any money on the table to confirm the bet. This means that there is actually no physical wager put forward. Whatever the amount they have called is will be credited to them by the casino.

In the case of the announced bet. Upon the player announcing the wager, they would like to make, they must then immediately back this wager up with the required funds. Hence, while they may have made the wager verbally, they must immediately have the money there to guarantee the bet and its outcome. Hence, in an announced bet, there is no need for the casino to provide credit.

As such, the approach to making the bet is identical but in the latter case, you need to have the money ready and waiting for it to actually be included in the bet.

Who Can place Announced Bets and Call Bets?

These bets can not just be placed by any Tom, Dick, or Harry – in most cases. Instead, you need to have at least some form of rapport with the casino. This is especially true for the call bet due to the credit aspect. Imagine walking into a casino and asking them to trust you that you will eventually pay them back any funds that you shout at the table? They would laugh you out of there.

As such, it is only those players who are regulars at the casino who would be allowed to place such a bet. They would need to have proven that they are good for the credit that the casino will offer and that they have ample bankroll in order to back it up. As well as some form of guarantee as well. At the end of the day, giving people loans isn’t good for business in the casino game as most would try their luck. Hence only if you are a regular at a casino will this be available.

It is possible for a casino to allow an announced bet due to the fact that the player needs to actually have funds on their person, ready to place on the table and so there is no real risk on the casino’s part. However, even then they would likely get funny about doing so if it was your first time at the casino. This was unless you had shown your capability as a high roller during that evening and proved yourself to be trustworthy somehow – perhaps via a series of big wins or proof of a large bankroll, 

This is actually the key thing about these bets, they are pretty much reserved for high rollers. There are very few casinos that will let someone who is placing small bets place these wagers as it just isn’t tangible for the casino as they would be inundated with these bets and it would be impossible to keep track. Essentially, only announced or call bets that would be in the casino interest would be allowed and this would be based on your reputation and your bankroll combined.

There is also the issue of whether the casino even allows them. There are many that do not due to their own personal policy, or indeed, the regulations in that country or state. For example, in the UK all bets on credit are prohibited which nips the possibility of making these bets in the bud.

Should You Use Them?

The question you are likely now looking for is whether you should use and the answer is very much based on the casino and you as a player. Remember chances are that the house’s edge is going to be higher – roulette doesn’t have the highest of house edges amongst casino games but a lower edge doesn’t mean the odds are in your favour. If you are a high roller and you want to place bets as and when you want without the need to constantly reload on chips or get in the mix at the table, then you should do but, in most cases,, it is unlikely you would need to use it and so it would be unnecessary. If we were you, we would advise you to stick to what you know.