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Anno 1800 still dominates the German charts four years after its release – and for good reason – WhatsNew2Day


Financially, Anno 1800 should have been more than worth it. The title continues to sell very well.

Even if Anno 1800 is currently still the youngest part of the time-honoured German series, the title is now four years old. But that doesn’t stop Ubisoft’s long-running hit from storming number 4 in the German game charts in March 2023. But why is that?

One of the main reasons is the recent release for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. We were also convinced by this final version for the consoles. But in addition to this completely new segment of the games market, the title also gives PC gamers good reasons why it is worth buying.

Multiple seasons of content

1800 likes from a gaming point of view meanwhile old be, but Ubisoft has provided regular content replenishment in recent years with a total of four seasons and several smaller packages of decorative items.

So, over time, what was already a decent package has become a release real scale monster become. For example, a real endgame for the New World was added as part of the fourth season.

Finally Endgame for the new world - the finale of Anno 1800

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Finally Endgame for the new world – the finale of Anno 1800

Anno 1800 not only offers mass, but also class. It is currently one of the best building gamee on the market, as we also noticed in our review of the Visionärs edition. This includes all four seasons. So she is the starting point for your Anno 1800 experience on the PC.

Other returnees: Aside from Anno 1800, some other old acquaintances can be found in the charts again in March: For example, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at number 19 unsurprisingly – mainly due to the high discounts – successfully prepares for its successor Jedi Survivor, which ended the month appears.

Who actually creates the charts? The game charts of the Association of the German Games Industry are based on the respective month data carriers and as Download sold games for PCs and game consoles.

The data for this comes from the Games Sales Data Database created by the Interactive Software Federation of Europe in 2017. For Germany, data comes from various retailers and online platforms such as PSN, Steam or Xbox Live.

You can find plenty of additional content about Anno 1800 in the form of podcasts, videos and articles:

How are you all doing? Are you still playing Anno 1800 or have you put the development hit aside despite – or maybe because of – all the seasons to devote yourself to new worlds? Is 1800 perhaps even too extensive for you now? And if you’re still on the year are, which DLC is your favorite? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

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