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Anno 1800 accidentally reveals real mod integration too early with the new update


Anno 1800 contains a feature that shouldn’t have yet.

Just one day after the final major update for Anno 1800 was released, there is already news again. In a tweet, the developers write that they accidentally added a feature to the update that was supposed to be revealed later. We are talking about an integrated Modloader. Of course, you can also find out all the other content of the update from us.

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The developers have already announced that there will be a small surprise, but we didn’t expect a resolution so quickly. Well, it didn’t go as planned, but it still surprised us. And probably the developers too. Because the Modloader was actually supposed to be released at a later date and only accidentally ended up in the update, as it has now turned out.

Can’t get enough of Anno? Here we have some more interesting content ready for you:

Within the tweet, the developers also thank the modder meow, since part of the modloader is based on his original code and he was therefore indirectly involved in the development. Now it’s really no longer to be expected with major innovations. At least not officially. From now on it is up to the community what will become of Anno 1800 in the future.

What do you think of the surprise? Do you use mods in video games at all? If so, in which ones? Write it in the comments!

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