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Animal rights campaigners say milk should be called ‘bovine mammary secretions’ in row with standards officials over a crackdown on branding non-dairy products


Really ridiculous? Animal rights campaigners demand milk be called ‘bovine mammary secretions’ in line with standards officials

  • It follows DEFRA guidelines advising non-dairy brands to clarify terms on labels

Trade standards officials should label milk as ‘bovine mammary secretion’ if they are to be honest about labeling in their overzealous crackdown on non-dairy products, the world’s biggest rights organization has said. animals.

Guidelines commissioned by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) advised non-dairy brands to avoid using the terms “yoghurt-type” or “cheddar-type”, as well as describe almond and oat milk as “mylk” to avoid confusing customers.

But now the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have recommended the Whitehall Department take its efforts for accuracy a step further and label dairy milk as ‘bovine mammary secretions’.

In a letter to Agriculture Minister Mark Spencer seen by the Daily Mail, the group wrote: “Consumers are not in the least confused by vegan milks, but they have been misled by the dairy industry on the impact of cow’s milk production on animals, the environment and human health.

“PETA will support your proposals to ensure a “clear differentiation” between plant and dairy milk, as long as the language used is transparent for both.

“The label ‘bovine mammary secretions’ should dispel any misunderstanding.”

PETA said the milk should be called “bovine mammary secretions” for clarity

“In line with your attention to consumer protection, the label ‘bovine mammary secretions’ should help the public understand that they are ingesting pus-filled breast milk from a cow.

“Cows aren’t the only animals that produce milk for their babies, and their mammary secretions are no more for humans than milk from cats, rats or bats.”

Elisa Allen, Vice President of Programs at PETA, added last night: ‘Every financial projection verifies what we’re seeing in the supermarkets: consumers abandoning dairy in droves, and a desperate attempt to ban the term ‘vegan milk’. “will not slow this growth orienting itself.

“DEFRA could help bring clarity to consumers by accurately labeling dairy products, using PETA’s suggested label, ‘bovine mammary fluid’.

DEFRA has previously said the proposals from the Food Standards and Information Think Tank (FSIFG), commissioned in 2022, were being “carefully considered”.

A summary of the submitted proposal, seen by the Daily Mail, says it “aims to ensure a consistent and clear differentiation… between dairy and plant-based products”.

Chocolate Mylk, a dairy-free alternative.  DEFRA has recommended that almond and oat milk substitutes be branded as 'mylk' to avoid confusing customers

Chocolate Mylk, a dairy-free alternative. DEFRA has recommended that almond and oat milk substitutes be branded as ‘mylk’ to avoid confusing customers

Plant-based lobby groups have warned that the measures, which have already been rejected by the EU and US, are far too draconian and insult consumer intelligence.

Stephanie Holmes of Upfield, the company behind broadcasts such as I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, said: ‘This is totally out of touch and out of touch with how people act day to day.

“Consumers aren’t stupid or confused by these commonly used names.”

Defra was approached to comment on the matter.

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