Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles + Program Guide

Animal Crossing New Horizons offers a new currency, the Nook Miles, in addition to the traditional Animal Crossing bells in the series used to pay off your purchases and repay your loan from Tom Nook. We explain in detail in our complete solution of Animal Crossing: New Horizons how the Nook Miles program works (as well as its Nook Miles extension) but also how to get Nook Miles quickly at the beginning of the game.


How The Nook Miles Program Works?

The Miles Nook program is introduced at the beginning of the game, consisting of a series of 81 missions to be carried out. These missions are often made up of several successive levels (ranging from 1 to 6 tiers):

Tom Nook’s missions: milestones, goals, rewards… …

These missions are initially secret and you will have to complete the first step to unlock the plug. When you complete a milestone, you’ll earn a number of Nook Miles that depends on the mission and the completed tier:

You’ll also unlock prefixes and securities suffixes that depend on what you’ve just achieved. These prefixes and suffixes can then be associated and assigned to your passport in order to further forge your personality and display your originality.

How do I get Miles Nook quickly at the beginning of the game?

You are rewarded with Miles when you complete challenges listed in your Nook Phone’s “Miles Nook” app… Alas, at the beginning, many goals are not indicated, so you may have to ask yourself how to get your first Nook Miles Ticket quickly! The answer is pretty simple: you get Miles and new goals every time you do new things.

First modification of your Passport, first purchase at the shop, first sale of items, first message displayed on the panel, first change of décor, first creation of a personalized texture, first hello to a neighbor, first photo, first big brushing of the island … all these actions will be rewarded with a small amount of Miles, and will let you know how many times you have to repeat them to get more! By multiplying these first experiences, you will quickly get the 5000 miles needed to evolve your tent! We offer you a complete list of actions to achieve to get miles in our soluce.


Nook Mileage Program

You’ll unlock the Miles Nook program later in the adventure. This consists of a series of basic daily missions to be carried out. These will be renewed as soon as you complete one, allowing you, theoretically, to farm the Nook Miles as much as you like. The first five of the day will allow you to earn twice as many Miles Nook as normal:

Later in the adventure, you will unlock a new Miles Nook + upgrade that will multiply the earnings of the first mission of the program by 5, and this daily.