Angel di Maria labelled Holland manager Louis van Gaal the 'worst coach of his career' in 2019

Di Maria said Van Gaal is the WORST coach that he’s ever had, and blamed him to Man United’s flopping. But the Dutch boss can’t help laughing! As Argentina faces Holland, hostilities are renewed

On Thursday, Angel di Maria’s bitter feuding with Louis van Gaal, Manchester United’s old boss, saw an unexpected turn. The Dutch manager played down their differences in the most bizarre of ways during a Memphis Depay-hosted press conference.

‘Di Maria calling my the worst manager he has ever had. HeHe said that he was one of few players who shared this opinion on Thursday. 

“I’m sorry for this and it was a sad thing that he said.” Memphis had to deal it in Manchester too, and now we kiss one another on the lips. 

Angel di Maria called Holland manager Louis van Gaal in 2019 the ‘worst Coach of his Career’

Van Gaal Bizarrely Joked He And Ex-Man United Star Depay 'Now Kiss Each Other On The Mouth'

Van Gaal made the bizarre joke that he and Depay, an ex-Man United star, ‘now kiss one another on the mouth’

The Quip Was Made In An Effort To Play Down The Dutch Manager'S Apparent Feud With Di Maria

The joke was meant to downplay the apparent feud between Di Maria and the Dutch manager.

Depay, who had a difficult time at Old Trafford before becoming one of Van Gaal’s most important players for Holland was simply able to laugh, expecting nothing less from his maverick coach.

But it won’t all be fun and games on Friday — Di Maria and Van Gaal go head-to-head in the World Cup quarter-finals: Argentina and Holland bid for places in the last four.

Consumed with animosity towards Van Gaal following his frosty exit from United in 2015, Di Maria labelled his old manager the ‘worst coach of his career’ in an interview with Argentine outlet TyC Sports.

Van Gaal Coached The Argentine After He Arrived At Manchester United For £60Million In 2014

Van Gaal coached the Argentine after he arrived at Manchester United for £60million in 2014

He told the television channel in 2019: ‘My problem in Manchester was the coach. Van Gaal was the worst coach in my career.

“I would score, assist and then the next day he would show my misplaced passes.

‘He he displaced me, he didn’t want players to be above him.

After signing for a then British record fee of £60million from Real Madrid in 2014, the Argentine made a positive start to life at Old Trafford with three goals and four assists in his opening six league games of the season.

His form quickly fell off the cliff, not helped by the fact that his house was burgled. He failed to find the net for the remainder of the season and moved on to Paris Saint-Germain. 

Di Maria Subsequently Endured A Torrid Season With The Red Devils Under Van Gaal In 2014-15

Di Maria endured a difficult season with the ALS. Red In 2014-15, Devils Under Van Gaal

The Playmaker Started Life At Old Trafford Well But His Form Faltered, And He Left After One Year

The playmaker started his life at Old Trafford very well, but his form suffered and he was forced to leave after one year.

In another interview in 2019, Di Maria claimed that Van Gaal was the reason his argument with Di Maria was so bad Red The career of the Devils

He revealed that he was at Manchester, and everything was fine with Van Gaal for the first two months. 

‘After One fight and things weren’t the exact same. The relationship was not the same.

“The fight against Van Gaal was because he was constantly showing me negative and unfavorable things, and all that kept him back from me.

Argentina Are Preparing To Face Van Gaal'S Holland In The World Cup Quarter-Finals On Friday

Argentina is preparing to take on Van Gaal’s Holland at the World Cup quarter-finals Friday

“One day, I fought with him. I told him I didn’t want to see these things anymore, and that I was doing things well. Then I asked him why he wasn’t showing my good things.

‘He he didn’t like the way I spoke to him, and that was where the problem began.

Van Gaal fired back a month later and said to BBC Sport: ‘Di Maria says it was my problem. I played him in every attacking position.

“You can check that. He None of these positions have convinced me.

‘He He couldn’t deal with the pressure on his ball in the Premier League. That was his problem.

Di Maria Claimed In 2019 That One Argument With Van Gaal Derailed His Entire United Career

Di Maria claimed in 2019 his entire United Career was ruined by a single argument with Van Gaal

After leaving United, Di Maria scored 93 goals and 119 assists in 295 games at PSG, reviving the career of the former striker before he was transferred to Juventus for a free transfer in July.

Although his Turin debut has been marred by injury since the summer of, the 34-year old recovered in time for the World Cup and has started three of Argentina’s four games at this tournament under Lionel Scaloni.

Van Gaal’s Holland will be Di Maria’s opponent for a spot at the semi-finals against Brazil or Croatia.

The winger will no doubt be chomping at the bit for his former manager at Lusail Stadium on Saturday. Van Gaal, however, seems to be enjoying the warm memories.

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