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Andy Murray FIRES UP over disrespect claims after adopting Nick Kyrgios’s tactic at Wimbledon

Andy Murray FIRES over claims he was disrespectful to beat the Aussie James Duckworth after adopting Nick Kyrgios’ controversial tactics in the opening round of Wimbledon

  • Murray overcame a nervous first round start at Wimbledon to claim victory
  • He defeated Australian James Duckworth 4-6 6-3 6-3 6-4 to advance to the second round
  • During the match, the Scot used a forearm serve to claim a point
  • It’s a tactic made famous by Nick Kyrgios and Murray has championed the strategy

Scottish tennis star Andy Murray was bursting with disrespect after he sent a forearm serve on Monday in his first round win over Australian James Duckworth at Wimbledon.

Duckworth was brave in the defeat, taking the first set from Murray on day one of the Wimbledon tennis championships before eventually losing in four sets.

However, the use of an under-arm serve has been questioned by many fans, especially as Australian tennis brand Nick Kyrgios was criticized for using the same tactic before.

Murray dismissed any idea of ​​disrespect, saying the move was a valid way to catch an opponent positioned too far past the baseline.

“I don’t know why people have ever found it potentially disrespectful or… I don’t know. I never understood that. It is a legitimate way of serving,” he said.

“I would never use a forearm service if someone was on the baseline because I think it’s a stupid idea because they’re going to track it down and it’s easy to get.

“If they’re four or five yards behind the baseline, why not do that to bring them forward if they don’t like getting back there? Tactically, it’s a smart move.

“Nobody’s saying it’s disrespectful for someone six feet, whatever, to come back five feet behind the baseline to try and gain an advantage.

“So I didn’t use it to be disrespectful to him, but to say, if you go further back and return the service to give yourself more time, I’m going to exploit that.”

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Murray survived an early scare against Aussie Duckworth to win a Wimbledon first round

Murray survived an early scare against Aussie Duckworth to win a Wimbledon first round

Krygios has never been shy about dropping the serve when his opponents have positioned themselves too far back, using the tactic memorably in a heated match against No. 2 placed Daniil Medvedev at the Australian Open in January.

The Russian eventually won the match, but Kyrgios won the point when he caught his opponent taking a nap.

Kyrgios also used the forearm function as a psychological weapon in the Australian Open, faking the serve twice to keep British player Liam Broady guessing.

Then, after sitting out the European clay court season, Kyrgios used the tactic again in his first game at the ATP event in Stuttgart against Czech youngster Jiri Lehecka.

On that occasion, he used the ‘tweener’, an under-arm serve delivered through the legs – a trick shot that surprised Lehecka to an unforced foul.

Tennis champion Rafael Nadal has previously labeled Kyrgios as disrespectful, after a match at the Mexican Open in 2019, where the Australian used a variety of tactics, including an underarm serve. It was a match in which he also claimed to be sick, cursed the crowd and told the hecklers to shut up.

Kyrgios said at the time that the only reason he used the under-arm serve was because his opponent was too far back, not to be disrespectful.

“I mean, isn’t it the idea to serve where the person can’t get the ball? Trying to get an ace?’ he said on Facebook.

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