Andy Gray claims he thought about ending his life after being fired in 2011 for his sexism scandal.

Former Sky Sports presenter Andy Gray says he considered taking his own life after being sacked in 2011 over sexism scandal as he and Richard Keys reveal all to Piers Morgan

  • Andy Gray and Richard Keys spoke to Piers Morgan in a TalkTV interview
  • The 66-year-old former player admitted that he himself struggled with suicidal thoughts
  • Morgan admitted he felt the decision to fire the pair was an “overreaction.”
  • For confidential support, call the Samaritans at 116123 or go to

Andy Gray admitted to being in a “dark place” in a TalkTV interview with Piers Morgan on Monday, opening up about his own suicidal thoughts.

Gray was sacked from Sky over a sexism scandal and revealed that although he knew of the mistakes he had made that got him sacked from Sky Sports, he “couldn’t calculate it”.

The former pro football player further confessed that without his family “I don’t know” what would have happened as he discussed his mental health struggle.

“I was suddenly in a very dark place,” the 66-year-old told Morgan. ;I knew I had done something wrong, of course I did, but I couldn’t calculate it. My head was gone. If it wasn’t for my wife I don’t know what would have happened.

“I was about to go into the garden, I had a pond, with a bottle and a few pills in a day. I was so bad.

“People who know me will think I’m joking… horrible [time]. I couldn’t figure it out. For two weeks I couldn’t leave the house, surrounded by press and media. Really weird – but I’m through it now.

Andy Gray and Richard Keys were sacked by Sky in 2011 over a sexism scandal

The Duo Will Share Their Story With Piers Morgan Tonight At 8 P.m. On Talk Tv'S Piers Uncensored

Andy Gray (left) admitted to being in a ‘dark place’ after being suspended by Sky in 2011 in an interview with Piers Morgan

“You learn who your friends are when things like that happen.

“But we’re through it now, and I’m through it now!”

Morgan’s interview took place in Doha, Qatar, against the backdrop of the ongoing World Cup, to which both Gray and friend and colleague Richard Keys moved.

But Gray wasn’t alone in revealing a struggle with his mental health in the aftermath of the scandal, more than a decade later.

Former Everton Player Gray (Left) And Richard Keys (Right) Started Football Coverage For The Fledgling Sky Sports Channel In 1991

Former Everton player Gray (left) and Richard Keys (right) started football coverage for the fledgling Sky Sports channel in 1991

When asked by Morgan if he was aware of Gray’s feelings, Keys admitted, “Yeah, I was there too!” Piers, you have no idea – he’s right, you can’t explain, you now look back with a clear head and you go ‘what you think’!’

In January 2011, Keys, 65, resigned and Gray, 66, was sacked after both made derogatory comments about female umpire Sian Massey and the suitability of women to officiate matches – for which they later apologised.

In June 2013, the pair signed with Al Jazeera to present football coverage from Doha where they also continue to present their Talksport show.

The Pair Opened Up About Their Experiences In An Interview With Piers Morgan That Aired Monday

The pair opened up about their experiences in an interview with Piers Morgan that aired Monday

However, Gray asked Morgan himself if he felt the pair deserved to lose their jobs, the response he got was “It’s interesting, looking at it all again, it feels to me like an overreaction from everyone, because you made fulsome apologies.

“I know Karen Brady, one of the bosses at West Ham, and when one of her players was caught kicking a cat, she said, ‘Everyone deserves a second chance and forgiveness.’

And yet I remember her reaction when you two got fired and it was a different reaction, and I felt there was a real gluttony to wrap you up, which in hindsight now seems like it was over.

“Anyone whose private conversations were put on the public domain – I’m not sure they would survive!”

For confidential support, call the Samaritans at 116123 or go to

A Mail On Sunday Investigation Uncovered An Audiotape Of Keys And Gray Talking On Air On 22 January 2011 About Female Umpire Sian Massey-Ellis (Pictured) And Other Female Assistant Umpires.

A Mail on Sunday investigation uncovered an audiotape of Keys and Gray talking on air on 22 January 2011 about female umpire Sian Massey-Ellis (pictured) and other female assistant umpires.

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