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Andrew Lloyd Webber reveals son moved into hospice care


The opening night of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s latest Broadway musical, “Bad Cinderella,” was overshadowed by the tragic news about his ailing son.

The songwriter announced Thursday that Nick Lloyd Webber has been moved to hospice care. The 43-year-old man has been “critically ill” with gastric cancer for 18 months, leading to other serious infections.

“I wanted to first thank you for the many messages of support for my son, Nick. Now they have moved him to hospice and he is struggling,” Webber said in instagram.

“I think he’s over the worst of this first bout of pneumonia that he had as a result of his cancer, which is awful,” he added. “But we’re all here, and the family here has come together, and I think it was the right place for all of us to be.”

The “Phantom of the Opera” creator first revealed Nick’s diagnosis on Sunday, announcing he would miss Thursday night’s premiere of “Bad Cinderella” to be by his son’s side.

“I am absolutely devastated not to be able to be there, but my place really is here in England at the moment,” said the 75-year-old. “Thank you for all the messages from him, everyone in the cast and good luck.”

Like his father, Nick Lloyd Webber is a songwriter and producer. The men have collaborated on multiple projects, including “Cinderella,” which premiered in London in 2021 and received a Grammy nomination for best musical theater album last year.

The show now debuted on Broadway as “Bad Cinderella,” serving as a modernized adaptation of the classic fairy tale.

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