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Analyst: GTA 6 will sell 12-14 million copies at launch


Although GTA 5 achieved revenues estimated at one billion dollars within only 3 days of its launch, and despite the great anticipation of the game GTA 6, one of the game industry analysts believes that GTA 6 will achieve one billion dollars over the course of a whole week.

Analyst Joost van Drunen said at his last remarks That in the event that GTA 6 was launched in 2025, initial estimates indicate sales of 25 million copies in the first launch period, and the analyst means by the launch period the first months of the game’s availability in the market, while it is expected that 12 to 14 million copies will be sold in the first week.

The analyst predicts that at the time of the game’s launch there will be 125 million PS5 and Xbox Series consoles sold, and therefore seeing around 14 million copies sold of GTA 6 is a realistic guess.

It is noteworthy that GTA 5 sold 11.21 million copies in the first 24 hours of its launch on the market.

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